Grand Challenges in the Earth and Space Sciences

As part of AGU’s Centennial celebrations, a set of papers has been commissioned to explore where major research and discovery is needed to address fundamental questions in our understanding of Earth and the solar system. The papers will be published across AGU’s journals as a special collection.

Topics range from the future of our dramatically changing polar regions, how climate change is affecting disease transmission, and improving earthquake prediction, to understanding the amount of water in the Moon’s interior, predicting weather on Mars, and forecasting solar eruptions.

Each paper will review the history of the topic and the current state of knowledge but will focus on the future, describing major unanswered questions and challenges and discussing what is needed to achieve the vision or provide solutions over the next decades. The papers will be free to access and be accompanied by additional information to make them accessible to the general reader.

Many of the issues have a direct impact on or benefit to society. AGU will use the collection to showcase our science to policy makers, funders, and the public.

Explore the Grand Challenge papers via the themes to the right.