A Healthy and Sustainable Future

How can we reduce people’s exposure to harmful contaminants in air, water and soil? Across the world, a considerable amount of illness and disease is caused by contamination and pollutants, but some geographic locations and social groups bear a disproportionate burden of exposure. A better understanding of the processes of exposure and mapping out pathways to limit exposure is necessary to improve global health and well-being. (GeoHealth)


How can we ensure that future populations will have access to clean and safe water? Advances in technology now allow the measurement of previously undetectable chemical and microbial contaminants throughout the water cycle, including in treated drinking water, but the implications of human exposure to them remain uncertain. (GeoHealth)


How can we use nutrients in a way that feeds our world without damaging the earth? Nutrients are an essential component of agriculture and plant growth yet can also harm and pollute ecosystems. A better understanding of nutrient accounting can be used to inform policies and actions for a sustainable healthy future. (Global Biogeochemical Cycles)

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