Small Project Support

  • AGU is offering Celebrate 100 Grants to showcase the value of Earth and space science and its impact on society. Projects should raise awareness of the discovery-to-solutions aspects of the sciences. Activities, events, programs, online interactions, etc., can be oriented to the public to showcase science and its impacts and applicability, or these activities can engage colleagues in the Earth and space science community to encourage collaboration, sharing of knowledge, network building, and more. Choose the category that best aligns with the project's goals.
  • Project Description

    In this section, provide a summary of the project. Please outline the intended goals, timeline, and desired outcomes. We also want to know why you think this project will be effective and to what audience. We encourage collaborative work, so let us know about your resources and any partners.
  • We encourage you to submit a brief video (no longer than 3 minutes) introducing your team, local community, project vision, etc. Personalize your application and introduce the selection committee to the issue you’re addressing, the solution you’re proposing, and/or the outreach you want to engage in. Please copy and paste the link to video (via YouTube, Google Drive, or Vimeo) below.

  • Who will your project reach and serve?
  • How will you measure the success of the program during and after implementation? What deliverables will be produced? Can these be used by others and/or maintained and scaled up in the future?
  • Tell us about your strategy to successfully execute your project, including plans to address any potential pitfalls.
  • Financial support is only for reimbursement of expenses for conducting an engagement project or activity. This application is for small grants estimated at less than $1000. Project funds will be received after expenses and project summary documents have been submitted to AGU.
  • Provide an outline describing the projected itemized expenses associated with successful completion of your project including additional financial resources already available. Project support will be provided through combined advance and post-project funding. Final reimbursement is conditional upon submission of project reports, receipts, and related financial records. Copy and paste your outline in the box below.
  • List your collaborators, partners, organizations, or other entities you are planning to work with to carry out this project.
  • How did you learn about Celebrate 100 Grants? If you are not an AGU member, let us know who referred you in the space below!
  • By signing this form you are confirming you have read and acknowledge the information and obligations regarding project support for the Centennial.