AGU Narratives Project


During the last century, discoveries in Earth and space science have changed society’s understanding of the world around us and improved economic security and public health and safety around the globe. The stories behind some of those discoveries, and the teams of people that made them possible, are well known. Others remain untold.

With over 125 stories already available for listening at the AGU Narratives Community on StoryCorps, each month we'll feature a small collection of stories of our Earth and space science community  that capture pathways, obstacles, and new discoveries inline with a specific monthly theme.  This month the focus is on Hydrology and Geomorphic processes.  From a researcher based in Tanzania working on one of the least studied, but most sensitive regions of the planet while simultaneously fighting a battle against gender norms in her field, to a science communicator whose work in water security has been featured on television screens in homes throughout the United States, the stories below are diverse, informative,  and we hope you take time to listen.