AGU’s Centennial is the start of the next transformational era of Earth and space science, and we want you to join us.

We want you to join us in amplifying the accomplishments and stories of the past 100 years and building support for the next 100 years of discoveries and solutions.

We want you to join us in addressing the grand science challenges of the future and building lasting connections between the research community and society.

We want you to join us in communicating our science’s power to society and inspiring the world to see how Earth and space science can create a more sustainable future for us all.

Centennial programming will have legacy and impact.

Centennial legacy programs, such as the Thriving Earth Exchange, are designed not just to call attention to Earth and space science during 2019 but, more important, also to build a foundation on which we can prepare for another century of scientific excellence.

Centennial programming will recognize the past and the future.

Through our meetings and publications, as well as through partnerships with other societies and institutions, we will focus on scientific dialogues that explore breakthroughs and the grand challenges of the future.

Centennial programming will be connected through and driven by outreach and engagement.

The celebration will culminate in a network of member- and partner‐led events and programs, as well as broad public engagements, designed to bring attention to and build support for the value of science.