Working with the Media

Discoveries in Earth and space science have changed society’s understanding of the world around us—and the news media have played a major role in sharing those discoveries with the public. As society continues to rely on science to help address the challenges—and take advantage of the opportunities—that the future will bring, the news media will play an increasingly important role in communicating advancements to and sharing scientific knowledge with the public.

That is why AGU's Centennial celebration is focusing on mobilizing scientists to communicate their science and its impact on society…and why sharing your science with the news media is a perfect way to celebrate AGU’s Centennial.

Talking to the media can be as simple as writing a letter to the editor in response to a topical news story, or as complex as organizing tours of your lab for local reporters to help establish yourself as a reliable source for them to call on when they need help with future stories. By taking part in activities like these, not only do you help the public understand a specific issue, but you also bring attention to Earth and space science’s storied past and the new transformative era of science we hope to build from AGU’s Centennial.

To get you started, we have created a list of resources and tools that can help you successfully communicate your science:

Writing Letters to the Editor: Reacting to the News of the Day

Writing an Op-Ed: Sharing Your Opinion on Critical Issues

Working with the Media: An In-Depth Guide

Working with the Media: Quick Tips

Tips for Talking to Print Reporters

Tips for Talking to Radio Reporters

Tips for Talking to TV Reporters

How Should I Share My Science?

Using Science Days/Anniversaries as a Starting Point