Celebrating #Apollo50

20 July 1969 marks the first time humans walked on the surface of the Moon. Learn more about how the Earth and space science community are celebrating this historic milestone.

AGU Grand Challenges

From the dramatic changes in our polar regions to weather prediction on Mars, AGU Grand Challenges present an exclusive collection of open-access papers published across AGU journals.


Join AGU as we use the energy of the past to start of the next transformational era of Earth and space science for the benefit of humanity. Watch the inspiring story of AGU’s Centennial journey.

Share Your Story

Grand Prismatic pool in Yellowstone National Park with tourists walking on the wooden boardwalk

Be a part of AGU’s Centennial by sharing your own story about Earth and space science  through the StoryCorps app. Helping AGU create this catalog of Earth and space science history allows us to reflect on the past as we move into the next century.

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To help mark its Centennial, AGU is awarding Celebrate 100 Grants to support the work of the Earth and space science community in promoting the value of Earth and space science through grassroots engagement activities. Apply today for awards up to $10,000!   

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Beautiful Sunset Image taken at Arches National Park in Utah

AGU was established in 1919 by the National Research Council and independently incorporated in 1972. Current membership spans 137 countries, comprises more than 60,000 members, and is the world’s largest society promoting geophysical endeavors of Earth and space scientists.

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The Centennial celebration will culminate in a network of member-led events and programs designed to improve understanding and appreciation of Earth and space science. Everyone is welcome to join in celebrating AGU’s Centennial. Learn how you can make an impact!

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AGU Headquarters

AGU’s building pre-renovation.

In 2016, AGU embarked on a new building challenge to renovate the existing AGU headquarters to achieve net zero energy goals and reduce water usage by 77%. The new headquarters will be the first organization in the District of Columbia to complete such a renovation on an existing commercial building.

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Eos: A Timeline

Launched in 1920, AGU’s first official publication Transactions, evolved into the monthly publication now known as Eos in 1969. In 1979, Eos became a weekly newspaper that was published through 2014, when AGU launched Eos.org which was accompanied by a new glossy magazine version of Eos.

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Publications Timeline

In 1896, the first AGU journal Terrestrial Magnetism, forerunner to the Journal of Geophysical Research was published. Since then AGU journals have published more than 150,000 scholarly articles, 21 peer-reviewed scientific journals that cover the Earth and space sciences, and award-winning books.

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