AGU Centennial

AGU is on the cusp of an incredible milestone — our 100th anniversary. We started as a small research organization in 1919 and have developed into a unique and influential leader in the Earth and space science community. Now through our Centennial, we step into the next era of scientific discoveries prepared to connect, inspire and amplify the voice and contributions of this community for decades – and even centuries – to come.

A Century Behind Us…

Earth and space science connects us to the world in which we live while improving lives – something we’re proud to have been part of for the last 100 years. This field has inspired countless scientists and others to see the world in new and important ways, driving scientific discoveries that have led to extraordinary developments, a better quality of life and advanced economies.

And Centuries to Come

As we reflect on achievements of the past, we also look eagerly to the future. In the face of global and social challenges, our Centennial will serve as a milestone and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to educate those inside and outside our community about the vital contributions Earth and space science makes to improving lives around the world.

That process starts with the AGU Narratives Project, a core element of the Centennial celebration that will help you and your colleagues tell the story of Earth and space science over the past 100 years.