World Water Day 2019

World Water Day 22 March 2019

World Water Day is an annual observance meant to highlight the importance of freshwater and advocates for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. The theme for 2019 is "Leaving No One Behind."  Learn about some of the work being done in the Earth and space science community to support science as a driving force in World Water Day efforts.

Celebrate 100 Grants World Water Day Events

Members are carrying out World Water Day 2019 projects with the support of AGU Celebrate 100 Science Days Grants.  Apply for support for an upcoming science day here.

First Brainstorming Session on Water Re-Engineering Solutions and their Implementation - Chitaranjan Dalai, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur | IIT KGP · School of Water Resources

This project provides an opportunity for researchers to learn how to discuss their findings with the public and to engage in conversation about some of the issues involving water resources development in India.  The goal of this event is to begin to bridge a gap between the research efforts and the motivators behind those efforts (economic empowerment of citizenry, renewed interest and awareness in rainwater harvesting, and improving health conditions of citizens through the provision of safe water).

World Water Day 2019, Billings, Montana - Tom Osborne, Hope 2 One Life

With a long-running history of successful events, Tom Osborne and his team will carry out a public outreach World Water Day event around the theme “Leaving No One Behind” that focuses on networking among college and high school students, local politicians and US experts in water and sustainable development in Africa. Our key speaker was a refugee from Liberia, became a US citizen and in 2018 was elected the first black mayor of any city in Montana (Helena). This event will host the premiere showing of Hope 2 One Life’s own film showcasing its water, medical and sustainable development work in Northern Uganda. The team will facilitate specific Q&A and discussion among students and experts on interdependence of health and clean water. Another topic on the table involves the Sahel climate uncertainty as a driver of our introduction of drip irrigation to sustain Ugandans during dry seasons and drought and using a combination of science-based conservation farming methods with drip irrigation to generate income from dry season vegetable production.

World Water Day Celebration - Tokiwa Smith, SEM Link, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

SEM Link will host a World Water Day Celebration on March 22, 2019 in collaboration with two federal agencies, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), and Southern Red Dirt (a private company), along with volunteer Metro Atlanta geoscientists. For the World Water Celebration, SEM Link will partner with up to 4 schools (elementary, middle and high schools) in Fulton County Public Schools, to engage students in hands on Earth science activities. Students will participate in activities that blend talks from geoscientists that combine career exploration and hands on STEM activities. All students will engage in water and soil sample collection and analysis using tools, such as kits, microscopes and pH meters. Some of the samples will be tested immediately and other samples will be sent to off-site laboratories which the students will receive the results at a later date. Each of the school sites, will have a lead scientist that will work with the STEAM Coordinator to plan activities that will take place at the school based on the resources available at the school (equipment, school, garden etc.) and the alignment with district’s Earth Science curriculum and state standards. The overall goal of the World Water Day Celebration is to demonstrate the impact of Earth science on water resources and conservation.

Nepal National Water and Weather Week 2019 - Mahendra Bahadur Gurung, Kathmandu, Nepal Activities of the NNWWW are categorized into four themes: awareness, capacity building, research, and policy advocacy. Awareness raising activities are designed mainly for general public and students from school and colleges. Some of the awareness activities are focused to policy makers to communicate the recent research that help to update their knowledge on water resources. Another major audience of our program is university students who get involved in capacity building and research projects. Advocacy activities are targeted to policy makers mainly law makers and bureaucrats with the involvement of other wider stakeholders.

Observing World Water Day 2019 - Tanveer Adyel, Monash University, Australia (Event in Suzhou, China)

This event will be arranged for postgraduate students of water management and engineering areas, representative of water industry and the general public in Suzhou (China). The program will create an awareness about water security and sustainable use issue. Students can interact with industry partners/representatives and local citizen to get real life experience that will help them to act more realistically.

Submitted by Celebrate 100 Grantee Tom Osborne.  The Hope 2 One Life organization carried out an  event in Billings, Montana to share community-driven science in Uganda while providing a platform for networking among students and researchers on 19 March 2019


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