Templates & Sample Materials

To help you prepare for your Centennial event or activity, we have developed a number of customizable templates that you may use free of charge. Several of these templates have the option for adding additional logos, should you want to co-brand an event. If for some reason one of our templates doesn’t work for your particular needs, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] and our design team will be happy to work with you on a solution. You are also welcome to develop your own materials using the Centennial logo. Guidelines for how to appropriately use the logo can be found here.

I want to host an event.

Invitation – 5x7  (931 KB, docx)

Invitation 8.5x11 (1.24 MB, docx)

Flyer – One-sided (1.33MB, docx)

Flyer – Two-sided (1.04MB, docx)

Poster (1.7MB, pdf)

Banner Stand Display (7MB, pdf)

PowerPoint Template – Standard (5.1 MB, pptx)

PowerPoint Template – Widescreen (6.4MB, pptx)

Name Badges – Plastic Holder (Avery 5392)

Name Badges – Plastic Holder, Co-branded (Avery 5392)

Name Badges – Adhesive (Avery 5395)

I want to advertise online.

Web Ad – Skyscraper (33KB, jpg)

Web Ad – Leaderboard (31 KB, jpg)

Web Ad – 300x250 (29KB, jpg)

Social Media-Facebook/Twitter (169 KB, jpg)

Social Media-Instagram (294 KB, jpg)

I want to advertise in person.

Banner Stand Display (7 MB, pdf)

Poster (1.7 MB, pdf)

Billboard (1.6 MB, pdf)

Bus Stop Ad (1.8 MB, pdf)

Gifts/Leave-behind Materials

Flyer – One-sided (1.4 MB, docx)

Flyer – Two-sided (1.07 MB, docx)

Bookmark (5 MB, pdf)

Postcard (862 KB, pdf)

Poster (1.7 MB, pdf)

Certificate (346 KB, docx)