Science Days/Anniversaries

AGU’s Centennial is amplifying the accomplishments and stories of the past 100 years to build support for the next 100 years of discoveries and solutions.

An easy way to get involved in the Centennial is to plan an event or activity around one (or more!) of the worldwide science celebration days or major anniversaries.

This could be as simple as using your social media expertise to share a few messages about the day and how it connects to AGU’s Centennial, or as big as planning a lecture, hands-on activity fair, or other kind of in-person event at your institution or with a local community group or other partner organization. AGU has compiled list of local, regional, and international science day celebrations, many of which are well established and have websites and resources of their own that you can use (we’ve included links below).  To help get you started, visit AGU's Centennial Resources & Toolkits available for your use.

World Space Week
October 4-10 World Space Week Join in 20 years of international celebration of science and technolog...

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