Basic Tips & Guidelines

AGU’s Centennial is about amplifying the accomplishments and stories of the past 100 years to build support for the next 100 years of discoveries and solutions. By communicating your science to society and inspiring the world to see how Earth and space science can create a more sustainable future for us all, you are contributing to that important goal.

Thanks to AGU’s Sharing Science program, as well as others, we have a wide array of resources to help prepare you for talking to and engaging with a wide variety of audiences. If you have a specific need that isn’t covered by one of these tool kits, please send an email to [email protected] and our team of expert science communicators will be happy to help you.

Essential Tips and Tools (39 KB, .pdf)

Don’t Let Jargon Get in the Way of Your Message

Elevator Pitches: Dos and Don’ts

Giving a Presentation: The Essentials

Using Science Days/Anniversaries as a Starting Point