Centennial at Fall Meeting

The 2018 AGU Fall Meeting will mark another dynamic year of discovery in the Earth and space sciences and will provide a special opportunity to share our science with world leaders in Washington, D. C. It will also serve as the advent of AGU’s Centennial.

This year’s meeting will serve as a centerpiece for the AGU Centennial celebration, with events, sessions, and opportunities for all attendees to take part in as we look forward to the next 100 years of scientific breakthroughs. Fall Meeting will offer:

New AGU Headquarters: Attendees can tour AGU’s newly renovated headquarters building. Incorporating groundbreaking and energy-saving technologies, the building—Washington’s first net zero energy renovated building—is a model for energy-efficient urban renovation and exemplifies values of scientific discovery while illustrating the impact of the Earth and space sciences on society.

Night at the Museums: Fall Meeting will be featuring a Night at the Museums for attendees and their families to enjoy after-hours open houses at some of the city’s most exciting museums.

Field Trips: Attendees will be able to take part in local field trips and explore local geology; delve into the many challenges facing the largest estuary in the United States, the Chesapeake Bay; or investigate the implications of climate change for the region’s mix of large coastal cities and dense agriculture.

Centennial SWIRL: Fall Meeting will feature a Centennial-themed SWIRL (Sessions With Interdisciplinary Research Linkages) to curate your experience at the meeting. The Centennial SWIRL will be designed to create interdisciplinary solutions through the sharing of research, discoveries, and approaches across disciplines.