Earth Day


Earth Day 2019 marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. The theme for 2019 is "Protect Our Species," and through many different avenues, across disciplines both in science and in policy, members of the Earth and space science community are striving to work toward a more sustainable Earth.  Here we will share some exciting endeavors taken on within and outside of our community aligned to these efforts.  

A Model for Sustainability

AGU is recognized with the inaugural Clean Energy DC event for its efforts in working toward sustainability through its net zero energy building.  Learn more about the award here!

Celebrate 100 Grants Earth Day Events

Members are carrying out Earth Day 2019 projects with the support of AGU Celebrate 100 Science Days Grants.  Apply for support for an upcoming science day here.

The Colorado River, a dying giant: A restoration effort in Baja California

Since 2008, the Laguna Grande zone, located in the municipality of Mexicali, in the state of Baja California, México, has been the subject of restoration efforts given the benefits of a lagoons system located along the course of the Colorado River. Those efforts range from the selection of autochthonous species for reforestation to hydrogeological studies that will help determine the surface water-ground water interactions, which constitute the source of water that maintains the local habitat. Inviting children from elementary school to collaborate in these activities is an attractive way to educate them in the earth sciences and to involve them in the actions and the understanding of their practical applications.

ABC Earth Day Hike and BBQ

Myriam Telus, University of California Santa Cruz and team will organize an Earth Day event for the African, Black, and Caribbean (ABC) students and community from the UC, Santa Cruz and Cabrillo Community College.  The event will include a guided hike in the Pogonip, as well as a BBQ event including a science and science-fiction trivia booth to discuss Earth and space science with participants.

Educational Workshop at The Truckee Earth Day

Alexandre Martinez, University of California, Irvine and team will carry out an outdoor educational workshop on climate change at the 2019 Truckee Earth Day Festival in California.  The purpose will be to survey attendees about their knowledge on climate change impacts and then to have educational workshops with interactive data visualizations about climate change impacts using Earth Engine and Tableau.  Martinez's research focuses on mapping extreme events impacts, mainly drought and heat waves.


Community-Driven Science Efforts to Protect Wetlands