AGU Narratives: 100 Years of Stories

The AGU Centennial is an opportunity to reflect on our past and welcome all the possibilities that the next century will bring. To capture where we’ve been and where we’re going, we’re launching the AGU Narratives project.

Using historians, professional story gatherers, crowdsourcing and public story sharing opportunities, AGU Narratives will feature a variety of stories to help connect the Earth and space science community, amplify our voice, and inspire those around us.

We are . . . 

. . . asking scientists and others in our community to Share Your Story.

You can share your personal Earth and space science stories in the AGU Narratives community on the StoryCorps Archive website using the StoryCorps app. Record your own interview or interview a friend or colleague and post it to the AGU Narratives community.

. . . inviting scientists at a variety of events to become Voices of AGU’s Centennial.

Throughout the Centennial celebration, AGU will be identifying opportunities to set up interview stations at various conferences and other events – such as when the team from StoryCorps visited the 2017 Fall Meeting in New Orleans – to record longer form interviews with select members of our community. You can nominate someone to be considered for one of these interviews.

…working with science historians to collect Formal Oral Histories.

You can nominate someone to be considered for one of these oral histories. Submissions can should focus on someone’s involvement in a well-known scientific event, a personal challenge or accomplishment, or a contribution to Earth and space science as we know it today.

View the library of all AGU Narratives.