January 2019 Atmospheric Science & Climate Science

100 Years of AGU

2019 marks AGU's Centennial year, a milestone representing the innovation, discovery, connections, and solutions in Earth and space science over the past century and the progress to come. Through each Centennial month, AGU will celebrate a different broad science and this page will serve as a hub to centralize the past, present, and future innovations of that featured science, as well as showing the stories of the humans behind the science. As 2019 begins, we celebrate the history of AGU and its growth from its first meeting to the evolution of its sections and membership. Later this month, the focus will be on Atmospheric Science and Climate Science.

Stories of our science

Listen to the entire collection of AGU Narratives here.

Historical Profile

Lloyd Viel Berkner’s legacy as an atmospheric scientist and an AGU leader lives on through the Fall Meeting Berkner Travel Fellowship.  This program funds Earth and space scientists in 88 countries to provide support for early career scientists and students to present research at AGU-sponsored or co-sponsored meetings.  Read more about former AGU President Berkner's contributions and lasting impact in this Tribute from the National Academies Press


Meet Dereka Carroll-Smith, a NOAA Hollings Scholarship Alumna and current NSF Graduate Research Fellow and PhD student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Celebrate 100 Grants: Featured Project

"Global to local perspectives on Himalayan glaciers," an engagement project led by Cameron Scott Watson of the University of Arizona, USA focused grant activities on community outreach in Nepal's Sagarmatha National Park (SNP) about the dynamics and future of Himalayan glaciers and how this affects the local population.   Apply today for support through Celebrate 100 Grant opportunities to promote the value of Earth and space science.

AGU History series

science & policy Feature: Climate

Through the past century, human understanding of atmospheric and climate science has greatly evolved, and the intersection of science and policy has become an important marker in advancing knowledge and yielding response.  The media featured below describe some history and issues surrounding this area of science and provide ideas and paths for solutions.

Watch: Jennifer Wilcox-Age of Amazement

Photo: Bret Hartman / TED

Watch: Katharine Hayhoe-Showing Up

Photo: Callie Giovanna / TED

Earth & space science Milestone: new year's day 2019 nasa new horizons ultima thule flyby

AGU is celebrating its Centennial in many ways, including showcasing milestones and interesting facts about science through social media shareables. The shareable below features the Ultima Thule flyby from the NASA New Horizons mission.  View the entire collection of 100 Facts & Figures shareablessubmit your own and join the conversation at #AGU100.


Subauroral Phenomena

Noted in several sessions at Fall Meeting 2018, a major discovery from the past century in atmospheric sciences  included an optical atmospheric phenomenon originally thought to be a new type of aurora.  Read more about STEVE, a sub-auroral atmospheric phenomenon originally published in this 2018 EOS article!




The search for life on exoplanets and terrestrial planets in the solar system, (heavily targeted to Mars) involves atmospheric characterization  in planets beyond Earth. Two recent EOS articles report on the technology's limitations in evaluating conditions for life with the James Webb Telescope, as well as looking at new information about the impact of solar flares on oxygen concentration on Mars.

Community Spotlight

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