AGU Celebrate 100 Grant Project Support

To help mark its Centennial, AGU is awarding Celebrate 100 grants up to $10,000 to cover the expenses of grassroots engagement activities that showcase the benefits of Earth and space science.

The grants, which are available to members and non-members around the globe, will support projects demonstrating innovation, collaboration, impact and sustainability in promoting the value of Earth and space science, primarily to the public.

While grant applications will be judged against a set of criteria (see below), the activities they support may be varied. Examples of potential events or activities might include launching a crowd-sourced data rescue project, establishing a mentoring program for graduate students, hosting an outreach program at a local middle school, or buying a stall at a local farmer’s market for a season to have an ‘Ask the Scientist’ stand.

Grants are available at two levels:

  1. Small project support of $1,000 or less; (Awarded strictly for reimbursement of costs incurred related to the engagement activity)
  2. Large project support up to $10,000. (Awarded through a combination of advance and post-project support)

Applications will be accepted and judged on a rolling basis beginning in late 2018 and continuing throughout the Centennial celebration in 2019.  Small project applicants will be notified within 20 days of their award status; large-project applicants will be notified within 45 days.

When the project is complete, grantees will be required to submit a one-page summary of the event or project-with photos or video, if available-that will be used by AGU to recognize their work online, alongside other Centennial celebrations.  Small Project Support grantees will be asked to submit receipts or related financial records prior to reimbursement.  Large project support will be awarded through combined advance and post-project funding.  Final reimbursement for large project support is conditional on submission of project reports, receipts, and related financial records.  These monies are not intended to pay salaries.

Projects will be promoted and supported through AGU's marketing and communications channels. Additional materials and toolkits for participating in the Centennial will also be available.

Application for Small-Project Support: $1000 or Less

Application for Large-Project Support: $1001–$10,000 


Earth and space scientists and nonscientists will consider grant applications based on the criteria below. Innovation, collaboration, impact and potential longevity of value will be weighted more heavily. Projects do not have to meet all criteria to be considered. Applicants must designate whether they are applying in the public or science category, as public-facing events will receive preference for funding.

Criteria for grant consideration:

  • Demonstrates an innovative way to communicate or celebrate science
  • Shows the impacts of Earth and space science
  • Collaborates with principals from multiple organizations or partners
  • Exhibits forward thinking or the future and progression of science
  • Explains the impact and-potentially-lasting impact of Earth and space science to a targeted group or larger community
  • Reaches beyond a local community
  • Shows capacity to grow transformative new techniques, develop new methodologies, or build new networks.

Please email with any questions about the Celebrate 100 grants process.