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During the last century, discoveries in Earth and space science have changed society’s understanding of the world around us and improved economic security and public health and safety around the globe. The stories behind some of those discoveries, and the teams of people that made them possible, are well known. Others remain untold.

AGU's Centennial is all about amplifying the accomplishments and stories of the last 100 years to build support for the next 100 years of discoveries and solutions, and these stories show the world just how valuable…how inspirational…Earth and space science really is.

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Margaret Leinen and Marcia McNutt talk about their early careers being out to sea on research cruises and the challenges they faced being the only women on the ship. (StoryCorps, 2017 AGU Fall Meeting)

Bradley Moran talks about his career path. (StoryCorps, 2017 AGU Fall Meeting)



Robin Bell, Carol Finn, and Carol Raymonds reflect on their experiences in the field and how they have affected their personal and professional lives. (StoryCorps, 2017 AGU Fall Meeting)

Don Boesch shares his story in science policy with Eric Davidson, bringing together his experiences from marches on the Vietnam War to his recent march experiences in 2017 for science and climate. (StoryCorps, 2017 AGU Fall Meeting)

Juan Declet-Barreto tackles the social, ecological, and human health dimensions of climate change by reimagining the relationship between scientists and the communities they serve. (StoryCorps, 2017 AGU Fall Meeting)

Visit the AGU Narratives Community on the StoryCorps Archive website to hear more scientists tell their own stories or accomplishment, perseverance and discovery.

Sally Jewell (Voices of AGU Centennial, 2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting)

Nadia Pinardi (Voices of AGU Centennial, 2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting)

Miguel Goni (Voices of AGU Centennial, 2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting)