100 Years of Science

1919: AGU Established

AGU was established by the National Research Council and for more than 50 years operated as an unincorporated affiliate of the National Academy of Sciences.

1919: First Six Sections Established

AGU established its first six Sections: Geodesy; Seismology; Meteorology; Terrestrial Magnetism and Electricity; Physical Oceanography; Volcanology.

1920: First Meeting

25 members were present at the first meeting of AGU.

1930: Hydrology Section Established

Hydrology Section was established and Oscar Edward Meinzer was elected Section president.

1932: Annual Dues Set

Annual Membership dues was $2.00

1939: First William Bowie Medal Awarded

AGU awarded the first William Bowie Medal to Richard Field for outstanding achievement in cooperative research.

1940: Tectonophysics Section Established

Tectonophysics Section was established and Leason Heberling Adams elected Section president.

1945: Transactions Launched

Transactions launched as an official publication of AGU

1956: Geophysical Series Launched

Geophysical Mograph Series launched.

1958: Eight Sections Established

AGU established eitght Sections: Geodesy; Seismology; Meterology; Geomagnetism and Aeronomy; Oceanography/Volcanology/Geochemistry; Petrology; Hydrology; and Tectonophysics.

1962: First Class of Fellows

AGU announces 196 members as the first class of Union Fellows.

1964: New Journal Announced

Due to popularity, AGU splits the journal JGR and publishes the first issue of JGR: Space Sciences.

1965: First Issue of Water Resources Research Published

AGU published the first issue of Water Resources Research with co-editors Walter B. Langbein and Allen Kneese.

1968: New Journals Announced

AGU splits JGR again and publishes JGR: Space, Solid Earth, and Atmospheric and Oceans

1968: Western National Meeting becomes Fall Meeting

AGU 's Western National Meeting held in San Francisco, California becomes the Annual Fall Meeting.

1969: First Issue of Eos Published

AGU publishes the first monthly issue of Eos, the new Transactions.

1972: AGU Becomes a Society

AGU formally incorporated as an independent society.

1974: First issue of GRL Published

AGU publishes the first issue of Geophysical Research Letters with Noel Hinners as editor.

1975: Chapman Conferences Established

Council adopts the name Chapman Conference for topical meetings.

1978: New Journals Announced

AGU launches the new journals JGR: Space Physics, JGR: Solid Earth, JGR: Oceans.

1979: New AGU Headquarters

AGU moves into a new building moved to a new headquaters building at 2000 Florida Avenue in Washington, D.C.

1979: Eos Published Weekly

Eos transitions to a weekly news-sheet.

1982: First Ocean Sciences Meeting Convened

AGU and ASLO convenes the first joint Ocean Sciences Meeting with 700 attendees.

1986: First Issue of Paleoceanography Published

AGU publishes the first issue of Paleoceanography which transitioned to Paleoclimatology in 2017.)

1991: Demolition of Old AGU Headquarters

Council approves razing the AGU headquarters building and building a new headquarters designed to take AGU well into the next century.

1991: New Journal Announced

AGU launches the journal JGR: Planets.

2000: First Online Journal

AGU estlishes the first online journal G- Cubed - Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems.

2002: All AGU Journals Published Online

Publication of AGU journals advances with technolgoy and are available online.

2009: AGU’s First Open Access Journal

AGU publishes the first fully open access journal JAMES.

2010: New AGU Mission

Board approves a new stragetic mission for AGU.

2012: AGU Partners with Wiley

AGU partners with publisher John Wiley & Co. for journal and book distribution.

2013: Earth’s Future Established

AGU establishes the open access journal Earth 's Future examining the state of the planet and its inhabitants, sustainable and resilient societies.

2014: Eos.org Goes Live

AGU launches the online Eos.org, making the publication more accessible to all audiences.

2016: AGU Headquarters Approved for Net Zero Renovation

Board of Directors approves the renovation of AGU's headquarters as the first net zero energy commercial building renovation in Washington, D.C.

2016: New Journal and Section Announced

AGU establishes the journal GeoHealth and GeoHealth Section.

2017: Fall Meeting Relocates

AGU Convened the 50th Fall Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana.

2018: AGU Launches Centennial Celebration at Fall Meeting

AGU launches Centennial Celebration