AGU Centennial is about amplifying the stories of the past 100 years and moving the next era of Earth and space science forward.   In an effort to help share information about your work to broader audiences for the benefit of humanity, we are sharing toolkits ready for your use in this space.

Forces Within Toolkit

You can learn a lot in 100 years—just ask the Earth and space scientists who make up the AGU community, and their peers as they celebrate an upcoming Centennial. The threads of scientific discovery that have led to everything we know about our planet, oceans, and atmosphere today continue unfurling toward a future of grand challenges, ongoing exploration, new discoveries and innovative solutions. It’s a process that is at once daunting, exciting, and vitally important – and it’s just as important that we communicate our progress and its implications with all of humankind.

Since 1919, AGU has built a thriving community that connects scientists, inspires collaboration, and amplifies your achievements – helping elevate the visibility and value of Earth and space science and its contributions to a better world.

Now, as part of AGU’s Centennial celebration, we hope to inspire you to share your science, to connect you and your work with the wider world and to amplify your voice and the contributions of the Earth and space science community in creating a more sustainable future.

View the Forces Within Guidebook Here!