March 2019 Hydrologic & Geomorphic Processes

100 Years of AGU: Hydrologic & Geomorphic Processes

2019 marks AGU's Centennial year, a milestone representing the innovation, discovery, connections, and solutions in Earth and space science over the past century and the progress to come. Through each Centennial month, AGU will celebrate a different broad science and this page will serve as a hub to centralize the past, present, and future innovations of that featured science, as well as showing the stories of the humans behind the science. This month the celebration spotlights AGU research contributions and stories that involve Earth's to Hydrologic and Geomorphic Processes

Stories of Science

A Selection of  from AGU scientists who study Earth's Interior: View the entire collection of AGU Narratives here.

Paths Through Science

Meet Matthew Miller, a research hydrologist at the United States Geological Survey (USGS)

Editor's Choice, Planetary Processes: "What are the most impactful publications in your field of all time?"

Virtual Hydrologists: A Legacy Preservation Project

The scope of the Virtual Hydrologists Project (VHP) is to preserve the legacy of eminent hydrologists who have shaped the field of hydrologic sciences and education over the past decades by creating a comprehensive, easily accessible repository of their scientific contributions. Learn more about the project and offer your own contributions here!