Centennial Outreach Campaigns

Over the course of the Centennial celebration, AGU will deploy a series of outreach campaigns designed to reach specific audiences, highlight aspects of Earth and space science, and leverage AGU’s many outreach channels.

While each outreach campaign will be designed to stand alone, when taken together they will engage the broadest spectrum of stakeholders. They are also designed to be replicable so that institutions, labs, and other organizations can create versions of the campaign for their own history and tie them in with AGU’s Centennial celebration (e.g., 100 Facts and Figures from a university’s geoscience department, or a Pioneers in Discovery profile of a lab’s founder).

All outreach campaigns will be supported by three guiding principles:

  • Durability: Establish campaigns that can live beyond Centennial
  • Diversity: Feature an array of scientists and programs from different geographies, disciplines, genders, races and ethnicities, ages, and more
  • Humanity: Humanize great stories of discovery by featuring individuals and highlighting the impact their science has had on people around the world

Pioneers in Discovery

Scientists from all over the globe have been behind major discoveries during the past 100 years of Earth and space science. This campaign will showcase stories that highlight the work of these scientists and the impact it has had on modern science.

How to Engage: Check back for more on our first pioneer, Danish seismologist and geophysicist Inge Lehmann.

100 Facts and Figures

During the past century, discoveries in Earth and space science have changed our understanding of the world and beyond. This campaign features some of the most meaningful, interesting, and relevant facts and figures from the past 100 years.

How to Engage: See the latest Facts and Figures and submit your own ideas.

Forces Within

Earth and space science holds the key to explaining the unexpected wonders and man-made or natural disasters that capture public interest. The Forces Within tool kit will include materials to support scientists as they engage with the media and the science-interested public to explain these events, show how science has evolved over the past 100 years, and look toward the next century of progress.

How to Engage: Coming soon—the Forces Within tool kit

Milestone Machine

Earth and space science spans a wide range of disciplines, so there will be a multitude of meaningful milestones to highlight over the course of the Centennial celebration. The Milestone Machine tool kit will contain templates and guidelines to help AGU members, partners, and others join the Centennial conversation around celebrations that matter to their science.

How to Engage: Coming soon—the Milestone Machine tool kit